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Importance of Color in Home Staging

Key Impressions home staging services in Santa Cruz, CA - helping you sell your home faster with gorgeous staging and design!
Key Impressions home staging services in Santa Cruz, CA - helping you sell your home faster with gorgeous staging and design!

Although color has long been considered a fundamental of interior design, only recently have we become aware of it’s full potential. Color can be influential, for better or worse. In business color can be utilized as functional, increasing efficiency. Color can work similar magic in homes, by cheering us or relaxing us. Room size can be markedly increased and ceilings can be made to seem higher or lower by simply adding a coat of paint.

At Key Impressions, we know how to utilize colors to make your home stand out. Below we've outlined how important of a role color plays in home staging and design.

There are two basic elements to successful color schemes: the first is your personality, and the second is the personality of the color(s) chosen. Different colors make us feel differently. Some are instantly soothing while others make us restless or energetic. 

Color is a powerful personal tool. The colors you use in your home area an expression of who you are. They define the type of person you are and your lifestyle and attitudes, and convey the information about you to everyone who visits your home. 

If you live alone your choice of color in home décor can be very personal but if you share living space be sure that one person does not stamp his or her individual preferences throughout the home. Colors are most easily classified or defined as warm, cool or neutral. Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow are bold, exciting and stimulating. These are the colors of the sun and fire and can make one feel instantly warmer. Alternatively these colors can be toned down for a less dramatic look. A room decorated with warm colors will appear cozier than they are. 

Green, blue and other cool colors are relaxing, quiet and soothing. They are nature’s colors found in the sea, sky and foliage. Cool colors recede, therefore making a room appear bigger than it is. Neutral colors such as beige and creams, black, whites or gray provide a blank canvas for flexible living and decorating with colorful furnishings. This is also an ideal palate when selling your house, offering a neutral versatile space and appealing to a broader market. Pastels are easy to work with and add comfort, light and airiness to a room. 

Color more than any other aspect in a home has the most impact and can make an enormous difference to the overall effect and ambiance. Not everyone is confident about choosing color. Colors can alter depending on the hues next to them or lighting conditions. 

It is important to select the appropriate colors to convey the mood or atmosphere you are after. Key Impressions can help you solve those design dilemmas and achieve a professional look and feel, enhancing the overall appearance of your home.

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