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Home Staging Tips & Tricks

Key Impressions home staging services in Santa Cruz, CA - helping you sell your home faster with gorgeous staging and design!

Let Key Impressions help you maximize your return on investment when selling your home. Below are our time-tested tips & tricks to help you prepare your home for potential buyers.

  • Repaint, pressure-wash or touch up

  • Wash windows

  • Reseed, cut and edge the lawn

  • Plant new flowers in the yard for color and add bark to exposed dirt

  • Remove campers, old boats or cars from the driveway

  • Remove any clutter

  • Organize the shed, workshop or garage

  • Repair anything that is broken

  • House number should be visible from the street

Exterior of Home

  • Assure that the entrance is visibly accessible and aesthetically pleasing

  • Repaint front door if needed

  • Clean the threshold and repair and clean light fixtures

  • Remove any dead or dying plants

  • Add colorful potted plants by the front door, space permitting

Front Entrance

  • Paint dark or older oak cabinets lighter and replace hardware if dated (also applies to bathroom cabinets)

  • Clean stove and oven

  • Remove all from top and front of the refrigerator

  • Replace/Repair any broken tiles and clean grout

  • Remove clutter from counter tops

  • Remove any trashcans out of sight Replace older faucets, appliances flooring, etc.

Kitchen & Dining


  • Hang new towels and shower curtain

  • Remove tub mats and rugs in front of the toilet

  • Remove all personal toiletries from vanity and shower

  • Leave toilet seats closed.

  • Assure that the house smells fresh…No animal or tobacco scents

  • Keep lights turned on when showing the house

  • Add a mirror to enlarge the space if needed

  • Remove personal or family pictures and limit hallway art


  • Remove clutter

  • Remove furniture that crowds the room

  • Remove all personal pictures or distracting or inappropriate art/items

  • Remove valuables

  • Clean or replace carpet if necessary

  • Touch up any paint on walls or ceilings

  • Paint out any brightly colored walls such as pink and blue bedrooms

  • Replace older (dated) light fixtures or hardware

  • Rid all closets of clutter

  • Clean out the fireplace and place with new firewood on the grate

  • Remove leaf from the dining table and any chairs that may crowd the room

  • Remove the cat box from sight and assure there are no animals in the house while showing

  • Replace bedding if needed, particularly in the master bedroom

All Other Rooms

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