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Project Management Services for Remodels

It is essential that a home looks and feels well cared for, or “loved” to a prospective buyer from curb appeal and throughout the entire home.

Whether your house is for sale or not, quite often you will find that it is in need of cosmetic upgrades or perhaps a more extensive remodel. The lighting and plumbing fixtures may be dated as well as the carpet and cabinetry. Key Impressions will point out such challenges and suggest resources for change. They have the experience and vision to make these valuable and enriching changes and can work with you prior to listing the home or update your existing home. Key Impressions has resources working with talented, reliable and reasonably priced contractors.

In addition to hardware and fixtures, it is also important that the soft goods such as bedding, towels and perhaps window coverings are fresh and appealing. Key Impressions can also provide you with resources or handle it for you.

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